Sonic Jeel is a collaborative initiative working jointly with others to investigate sound, noise, electronic music, and audiovisual media within the context of Qatar and the Gulf region. We celebrate the interplay of the sonic and the graphic toward a new generation of interdisciplinary makers. Our aim is to be a platform for exploratory research, production and distribution of experimental sonic work in support of the growing creative industry in Doha.


New Vinyl Album ZEKREET
Dropping in September 2021

Sonic Jeel Collective
Streaming Performance February 2021

Printed Matter Virtual Art Book Fair ︎

Acoustic Flux: Doha Fire Station 2021
Installation at the featuring contemporary audiovisual artists from Qatar. Curated by David Felipe Suarez Mira.

This work is a select compilation of short audiovisual loops inspired by sensory experiences and vernacular languages of Qatar. Unexpected synchronicities occur and create different states of reverie. Runtime 11 minutes on a loop, projected digital video with sound.