Live Performance at the Wusum Gallery in the St. Regis Hotel in Doha, Qatar


Hologram is an audiovisual performance that blends live projection mapping, modular synthesizers and acoustic instruments. Expanding beyond our surroundings and reality, Hologram offers a gateway to uncharted territories through its distinct fusion of audiovisual components. Originating from the MENA region, it intertwines sonic explorations with visual narratives, inspiring innovative perspectives. As a medium eager for narratives, Hologram pushes the boundaries of contemporary storytelling, providing immersive experiences and array of interpretations and possibilities.

Hologram was performed at the Wusum Gallery in the St. Regis Hotel on January 31, 2024. The audio experience is produced by Sonic Jeel. Projection mapping and film archive by Hadeer Omar. The electronic synth performers are Michael Hersrud and Simone Muscolino with assistance from Samip Khulal. The guest oud player is Abdulrahman Al-Thani and the guitarist is Sameeh Iftikhar.    

Photography, videoography and editing by:
Erzum Naqvi and Ayza Adnan

Watch the full performance here︎

Behind the scenes making of Hologram in the Sonic Jeel studio