Guest Highlights

Sonic Jeel, in association with VCUarts Qatar, fosters an outreach initiative by inviting international audiovisual artists and designers to give workshops, lectures, and performances. These unique opportunities allow students, faculty and members of the Doha community to engage in conversation and practice, inspiring  future creative innovations. Guests have been funded by the VCUarts Qatar New Initiatives program, the Crossing Boundaries lecture series, and the Wavelength Lecture Series at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in Richmond. 

Dallas Taylor
The Stories Behind Sounds:
A Conversation On Podcast Design

Dallas Taylor is the host and creator of Twenty Thousand Hertz, a lovingly crafted podcast revealing the stories behind the world’s most recognizable and interesting sounds. Dallas is also the Creative Director of Defacto Sound, where he has led thousands of high-profile projects ranging from blockbuster t
railers and advertising campaigns to Sundance award-winning films and major television series. 

Twenty Thousand Hertz ︎

Tarek Atoui
Wavelength Lecture series:

The Potential of Sound

Tarek Atoui, born in Lebanon and living in Paris, is an artist working within a multi-disciplinary space connecting sound, sculpture, installation and live performance — to create a hybrid of sonic experiences that ‘shift perspective’. His unique instruments come to life throug
h automated looping mechanisms that use microphones to modulate vibrations into electronic soundscapes.

Wavelength Lecture Series ︎

Ali Phi
TouchDesigner Workshop:
Generative Sound and Motion

Ali Phi is an Iranian computer artist & creative technologist with a background in environmental engineering sciences & experimental cinematic arts. The flow of his works is based on programming, generative audio-visual design, interactive media & immersive environment installations which depict the relation between geometry, science, light, and poetry.

Ali Phi Website ︎

Alessandro Contini
How Do You Noise:
From Musique Concrete to Sampling

Alessandro Contini, an Italian designer living in Barcelona, is a designer, coder, musician, and tech enthusiast. He works with sounds, images, and coding. After graduating in Computer Science and Music Technology in Milan, he started working and collaborating with companies such as Interaction Design Lab, Nokia, Eyebeam Art + Technology Center, HowDo, and Arduino.

Alessandro Contini Website ︎